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If you have been searching the internet about what is the best way to lose tummy fat, you have come across many website with different tips and advice about loosing belly fat. It is funny that there is so much information and how to get a six pack guides, yet many people are still overweight. It is very sad that many reviews and tips on losing fat around your belly are nothing else but junk.

As a professional personal fitness trainer and martial arts instructor, I got fed up with all the fat loss gurus claiming to have the best abswer to --- lose love handles or six pack abs workouts that promise you look like a fitness model, but when you apply the techniques as taught by those fitness guru's, you realize that they do not work. At least the majority of them.

So if you want to know what is the best way to have flat stomach with six pack, you need to understand couple things about fat, muscles and all that.

Best Way to Have Six Pack Abs - It's All About Choosing the Right Foods

This is the step that many people get wrong! Some TV infomercial suggests you do not need to exercise, change your diet and still lose belly fat. If only you buy the best, newest, mean ab workout gadget. Do not believe this. It is not going to work and the only thing you will notice is that your wallet is couple hundred dollars lighter!

Of course you need to exercise and limit many foods that will add couple pounds of fat to your belly once you eat them. So you need to be careful when you eat and control what you eat. The best thing you can do is to chose Low to Medium GI foods. GI stands for Glycemic Index and these low or medium GI foods actually help you to lose belly fat.

These foods do not cause your insulin level to raise up too quickly and therefore the digestion of these foods is slow and steady. This way you get energy through the whole day. On the other hand when you eat high Glycemic Index foods, the insulin spike up very fast and crashes fast as well - so called crash and burn...

Here is the best exercise you can do to lose stomach fat:

The problem with this fast insulin spike is that your body shuts down your body to burn fat, instead it starts to store it. Not a great way to loose stomach fat I assume. Especially if you want to know what is the best way to lose fat!

Choosing the Best Exercise Routines to Burn Fat

The other question you need to get the answer to is what is the right exercise workout program to burn belly fat fast? I found out somewhere online that there are special exercises to get rid of belly fat, another workouts to lose love handles and another one to get ripped with six pack showing on your stomach.

Again, there is no way to spot problem areas you are not liking and train only to fix them. You need to workout all your body parts during any exercise program.

All body workout for beginners:

What my answer is when I get the question about what is the best exercise to burn fat --- Just do exercise you would enjoy! What is the point of doing something you dislike? I do not think you would actually do it. And what about sticking to that program? Not likely!

So if you like to workout with weights, do it. If you prefer body weight routines, do it. If you like martial arts, do martial arts.

Do you get my point? Great! You are on your best way to lose fat  around your stomach fast. Trust me.

The Power of Visualization - ULTIMATE Secret to Kick Ass Six Pack...

Another step many people and maybe even you seem to forget is the power of visualization. You need to thing positively about your body change. See yourself as a person who has the six pack. Do not see yourself as a person with big fat tire around your waist wanting to know how to get rid of it!

As soon as you start using the power of visualization, you will see dramatic results in loosing your belly fat. It is best to write down a goal or intention about having great body. See yourself on the beach and everybody is looking at how beautiful body you have. It will become reality.

Best Way to Get Ripped ABS - The Conclusion

So there you have it. The best way to lose belly fat is the combination of choosing the right foods, performing the exercise program you know would enjoy and seeing yourself with the end result in your mind - that is the only best way to achieve ripped abs body as far as I am concerned! No fad weight loss diets or magical pills will do that for you.

Fastest Way To Lose Stomach Fat And Reveal Your Six Pack!

What You Need To Know If You Want To Burn Fat on Your Tummy

Being personal fitness consultant I had the great opportunity to get in contact with hundreds of men and women alike who always wanted to know what is the fastest way to lose fat on your tummy. And do it all naturally without using so called "fat burners" or other supplements that claims to have the ability to burn belly fat fast.
How to Get Rid Of Stomach Fat Fast
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Many men and women did not like to look of the love handles or fat tires around their belly. What I have found out is that they even see themselves much bigger that they usually are!

Maybe you are like that as well, and that is why you should keep reading this article and you will have an idea what is the fastest way to lose belly fat.

So do not look to strict at yourself. That won't help you much. You need to see yourself as a fat burning furnace. You will burn stomach fat much more if your mind focus on having nice shaped body. Just be happy what you have right now.

But I know that alone will not help you much. You need to so some work that will let you achieve the fastest way to lose belly fat. Do not worry though, it's not as difficult as many weight loss diets are preaching.

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When you want to take the fastest way to lose your stubborn belly fat you can not limit or remove many food groups from your normal diet. That will make you go crazy, craving for things you love and at the end you will not burn belly fat at all. You will only slow down your metabolism. That is what you do not want. So forget fad diets.

Instead start eating more. Yes, you read it right. There is a recent study from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that confirmed one thing that leads to achieve the fastest way to lose your stomach fat. It proved that if you eat whole grains with around five servings or fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy and two servings of lean meat like chicken and fish, you will lose fat mostly from your abdominal areas.

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As you can see eating more of the right foods will burn your belly fat and all without dieting. Of course you can't eat all junk like refined carbs, canned food or fast food. Even though occasional cheating does not hurt. But helps you to burn belly fat at faster rate.

Just remember that dieting will slow down your metabolism and therefore slow down metabolic rate which prevents your own body to burn belly fat. That is why many dieters have so called Yo-Yo diet syndrome caused by losing and gaining the fat back after couple of weeks.

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In order to achieve the fastest way to lose belly fat you do not even get crazy with exercise routines. You just need to balance workouts, proper eating habits and relaxation times to burn stomach fat fast. It's that simple.

To learn about the foods and exercise routines that will help you burn belly fat without dieting visit the Tom Venutos Fat Burining Bible site and learn more tricks that will give you the fastest way to lose love handlesreally quickly plan.

How to Lose Your Fat Stomach Fast And Get Rock Hard Six Pack ABS

Learn All About How to Get Rid Of Your Tummy Fat Fast Without Expensive Fat Burning Supplements or Other Weight Loss Gadgets

Welcome to my blog about how to lose belly fat fast. I am personal fitness and nutrition consultant who got very tired of seeing so many people trying to lose fat on your stomach by going on some kind of fat loss diet and seeing no or very little results.

You see it's not about diet or following the latest fat loss guru's program. It's all about choosing
to live healthy lifestyle...and that is it!

Do not look for guaranteed loose stomach fat cures, they do not exist.

With this simple blog I want you to understand how easy it coule be to burn the fat faster
then by following diets. Plus it will have permanent results, whereas diets are only quick,
temporary fix lasting only couple weeks or months...then all or even more of your weight will
be back...

Here is video that will give you some ideas about dieting for rapid weight loss:

So keep coming back couple time a week, because I will reveal couple great techniques and
lifestyle changes that will be very easy to implement. It's not about being strict, removing
calories or food groups...nothing like that at all...but you will see for yourself.

I can just tell you that you had never seen this how to lose your stomach fat secrets anywhere else.

Looking forward becoming your belly fat guru helping you to burn your fat faster then anybody else...